Technical Specifications Color Light Source Rotate speed range Weight Input Power
8.3ft(2M) Golden Black LED 18W 0-130RPM 12.3kg 0.1Kw
Model FDC70
Vertical Obstacle Distance A ≥ 400mm
Horizontal Obstacle Distance B
Distance from leaf surface to ground C ≥ 4000mm optimal height 6000-8000mm
Overall machine diameter D 7000mm
Download length E 500 – 3000mm
Length from top to bottom of blade F 1100mm
Distance between HVLS fans 18 – 30meter
Distance between HVLS fans and wall 8 – 14meter
Technical Specifications Air volume Rotate speed range Weight Input Power
9.8ft(3M) 5000m3/min 100RPM 67kg 0.4Kw
16ft(4M) 11450m3/min 10-78RPM 72kg 0.6Kw
18ft(5M) 12200m3/min 10-68RPM 77kg 0.7Kw
20ft(6M) 12800m3/min 10-60RPM 87kg 1.2Kw
23ft(7M) 114250m3/min 10-54RPM 92kg 1.5Kw